It is that time of year, when people look back and remember what was and look forward, planning what will be.  It is also a time of giving and loving and sharing, of world peace and gratitude.

dear santa 2

We are grateful for the opportunity we have had to share our story and to meet a lot of great people, including other travelers, writers, and bloggers.  We are also grateful for the expanding presence Go Curry Cracker is having on the web

It has been a very big couple of months for us here at Go Curry Cracker with records set for number of page views, number of Facebook and Twitter likes and follows, and number of comments.

We’ve been featured and interviewed by some great reporters and bloggers, and had the honor of writing a couple guest posts for some of our favorite sites.

For the Mandarin speakers out there, Winnie’s post on how we retired early and now travel the world went mini-viral, getting over 200,000 views in just 3 days, which has led to her article being shared on a few big time sites with more to come.

Our post about how we plan to Never Pay Taxes Again was shared, liked, cross-linked, and shared again, setting a record for views and comments.

Thank you everybody for a great 2013.  Thank you for reading, for sharing, for commenting, and caring.

All the best in 2014

Jeremy & Winnie, Go Curry Cracker!

PS:  As you get ready for 2014, please check out these great writers and the fiscal advice and opportunities they share

Guest Posts
They Will Kill You for Your Shoes! at  Jim shared this bit of satire on fear of travel to foreign lands along with a solid piece of advice on risk.  If you haven’t read Jim’s Stock Series, be sure to check it out

Traveling the World Frugally at  Jason is building a portfolio of Dividend paying stocks with the plan of being financially independent by 40.  I think he’ll hit that goal ahead of schedule.

Interview with Jeremy and Winnie at  Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired in their 30’s back in the 80’s and have been traveling the world every since.

10 Years and a Day at  Brandon shares his techniques for minimizing taxes and optimizing income and investments, and shares a Podcast of great interviews.  It is an honor to make the short list

This Couple Retired in Their 30’s.  Could You? at  We were interviewed by MP Dunleavey, an old favorite from her days back at  I particularly enjoyed this comment, “It’s hard to offer advice to a guy like Jacobson on how to run his finances. He clearly has his situation under control.”

Featured Posts
How to Never Pay Taxes Again at  J Money has launched a new site that shares the best finance posts from around the web.  When J Money likes your stuff, everyone will like your stuff

You Don’t Need $2.5 million to Retire at  Our post on not paying taxes was highlighted in this article.  I’m glad the title is true since we don’t have $2.5 million

I Have a Luck Making Machine A conversation in the comments on our post about how we were lucky to find a great apartment in Seattle helped inspire this post by Justin about his own luck making machine.

17 Things That Will Push You From Middle Class to First Class Johnny Moneyseed offers a list of recommendations for quality living that will set you up for financial success.  #1 on the list?  Pay less taxes

For the Mandarin Readers
我們30多歲退休環遊世界, 你也可以(及早計劃提早達到財務自由)!  The original post on Winnie’s blog, sharing our story of early retirement and world travel

奔向財務自由!我們30多歲退休環遊世界,你也可以 A little mainstream press love on, a popular news website in Taiwan

Here is to a great 2014 and beyond

Lots of love