Ladies and gentleman. Boys and girls. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Have I got an opportunity for you!

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Selling the Dream

Of course, I don’t actually have a home study course so the price is right.

We just returned to Taiwan from our last summer holiday in Bali, where we spent time enjoying the pools and beaches, savoring the delightful Balinese cuisine, hiking up a volcano to watch the sunrise, reading a few books, and watching random people argue on Twitter. It was great!

I really feel like we are living the dream. Our dream, anyway. Life is good.

Which is probably why, after a recent story in Business Insider* about how retiring early changed money habits, something seemed really off when I noticed a chorus of people saying things like:

“These people are just selling the dream!” – numerous random Twitter accounts

* my contribution: “we don’t really think about money anymore.”

What does it mean to sell the dream?

To me, selling the dream is something you might see with Multilevel Marketing, Ponzi schemes, and online business “courses.” It’s also popular with junk food and alcohol marketers and real estate agents. The idea is you promote something that is unattainable and then sell a solution. Most of these “solutions” are only good for the one doing the selling. Some are fuzzy ethically and others are actual fraud (e.g. Bernie Madoff.)

Some examples:

“Drink beer and smoke cigarettes and you too will be super popular and look like a professional model!”

“I turned $10 into $10 million in just 3 weeks with 1 simple trick!” – and now instead of turning $10 million into $1 billion, I’m going to spend all of my time teaching you what I did for the amazingly low price of only $99.

“You can make money selling products you know and love to your friends and family!” – because your “friends” and family love buying exciting things like vitamins and laundry detergent from the high school classmate they haven’t seen in 20 years.

“I’ll teach you how to sell my online course about how to sell online courses!” – PT Barnum loves this one

People fall for these all the time, which is why they are so common. Hopefully, the worst that happens is you are out of $99 or have a multigenerational supply of cleaning products…

… although the worst might be excessive skepticism and a dearth of hope in the general populace.

For example, these comments from an older article on Yahoo:

Selling the Retire Early, Travel the World Dream

20 years ago I was a huge skeptic. I thought passive income and retiring early were bull$shit.

17 years ago I made early retirement a goal and started looking at it with math rather than emotions.

7 years ago I quit my job with a 60-year emergency fund. At the same time, I started blogging so friends and family could follow along, both literally and figuratively.

So let’s see…

  • Promoting an idea that a lot of people think is unattainable. Check.
  • Encourages friends and family to do it too. Check.
  • Provides a solution. Check.

What do you know, I really am selling the dream!


Everything on this site is free to read.

Implementing our tax strategies and travel hacking ideas will save you thousands of dollars. These also cost $0.

The worst that can happen is you have some free vacations and a fat bank account.

Or as another Yahoo comment put it:

BOOM! What an apt name.

Living the Dream

While doing the things I enjoy, with the people I love, without worry or concern for financial matters, I’ve also been fortunate to meet a ton of inspiring and like-minded people.

In a recent newsletter, author of Atomic Habits, James Clear, shared the following:

The most effective networking strategy I’ve found has nothing to do with conferences, cocktail hours, cold emails, or any of the common ideas you hear:
1. Do interesting things
2. Share them publicly

This is solid gold. (He also has a great hairstyle.) This is the main reason I continue blogging, although I couldn’t put it into words until I saw Mr. Clear’s insight. I dunno, our life is interesting to me.

In short, this really is living the dream. (Lots of gratitude!)

If it also happens to occasionally turn other skeptics into believers, and more importantly actors, then I’m honored to be selling the dream!

Thank you for reading, sharing, and taking action towards your own dreams!

I’m now back into Create Mode. Starting next week I’ll delve into more meaty topics. Until then: have a great week and best of luck!

How Are You Pursuing the Dream?