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The Blog

We are Jeremy & Winnie, a husband and wife team who retired in our 30’s to travel the world.

On our blog we share how we were able to become both financially independent and location independent at a relatively young age, and use that freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want.

We will often geek out on saving and investment strategies, tax optimization, and travel hacking, while mixing in stories of life, travel, and food

Who doesn’t want to Retire 20% Faster or Never Pay Taxes Again?

Winnie is a professionally trained photographer, and her carefully crafted images help tie it all together

Our story

We did unconventional things while working, such as live in a small apartment in a walkable neighborhood instead of a big house in the suburbs, using a bicycle and our own feet to get around instead of owning a car, and making most of our meals in our own kitchen (even our own bread.)

This allowed us save an increasing percentage of our income, more than 70% for about 10 years until we were able to live completely off income generated by our investments

When we first retired, we had grand ambitions to tour all of Latin America, Europe, and Asia in one monumental journey, but then…

…then we realized, “What’s the rush?!”  We have 60 years to complete our journey (or not.)  There is no competition to check off a list of countries we’ve visited or places we’ve been (although we’ve been to ~40 countries to date)

So we traveled (very) slowly, immersing ourselves in local language and culture

Definitely not a backpacker lifestyle, we’ve rented places with a private pool, dine in restaurants 2 or 3 times a day, and had great adventures such as swimming with whale sharks.  All of this luxurious living costs a whole lot less than you would think, which is why we share every penny we spend

When we decided we were ready to have a baby, we used our location independence for Medical Tourism, undergoing IVF treatments at 80% off US prices

We are expecting GCCjr any day now.  When he is about 6 months old and ready to don his own little backpack, we will hit the road once again

Thank you for stopping by.  We hope you like what you see

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Jeremy & Winnie