Any day now, we will welcome GCCjr into the world

While I’ve long been referring to our future son by GCCjr on the blog, between Winnie and I we have been referring to him as Cookie.  Go Curry Cookie!

His birth will usher in a new era in our lives, and with it a new era for the blog

Gone will be the posts on finances and investing.  No longer will we share our detailed expenses.  Travel and food posts will be a thing of the past

In their place will be page upon page of photos and videos of little Cookie

Everybody loves baby photos.  Really, the only thing people love more than baby photos is photos of other peoples babies.

I expect with these changes, readership will go through the roof.  I’m optimistic our blog will even compete with Google and Facebook for domination of the Internet

To further enhance the site, we will also be adding a new forum where people across the globe can swap photos of their own babies.  Or cats, if that is your thing

Here are two prenatal ultrasound photos to get things started

He Has Daddy's Nose

He Has Daddy’s Nose

And 5 Toes

And 5 Toes

A newborn will typically resemble one of the parents.  But which one?

Winnie Holding Her Brother

Winnie Holding Her Brother

Jeremy Wearing Hipster Clothes Before They Were Cool

Jeremy Wearing Hipster Clothes Before They Were Cool

Extra curious, we used some software to combine an image of mother and father

When you combine Asian and Caucasian genes, what is the resulting eye shape?  Why not one of each

Not Designed for Mixed Babies

Not Designed for Mixed Babies

We hope you are as excited as we are about the new blog focus.

Don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list. One lucky winner has the potential to win* a Go Curry Cookie themed Digital Picture Frame, for use in streaming baby photos directly from the blog!

What better day to get it all started, then April 1st

Happy April Fools Day!

* small print – there actually is no digital picture frame, but the mailing list is cool anyway