Oops, we did it again. After a lot of casual deliberation we have extended our stay in Taipei, moving into a new (to us) and much larger apartment in the process.

Of the 5 apartments we’ve had in this city, this is by far my favorite.

Tour of 3-Bedroom Taipei Apartment

The first thing you’ll notice walking into our front door is the wide open living and entertainment space.

taipei apartment living room

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

taipei apartment dining room kitchen

Seating for 8

At our previous apartment things got a little hectic with just a handful of guests. We had Christmas and New Years’ parties with 15+ people and could probably double that comfortably.

The kitchen has a nice bar top and wrap-around windows for good lighting. We made pizza for 12 people (individual mini pizzas for the 6 kids) here last night. The only disappointment is that the countertop is 1.2 cm too low to fit a proper dishwasher (our counter-top dishwasher arrives next week – that thing under the counter is a dish dryer…)

To the right (not shown) is a 1.6 meter x 1.2 meter (5.2 ft x 4 ft) walk-in pantry and a similarly sized outdoor space with an on-demand water heater and full-sized washer and dryer.

taipei apartment kitchen

The kid’s loved the pizza, of course. But even more than corn and pineapple toppings, they enjoyed the slide on Jr’s new bed.

taipei apartment children's bedroom

Our 2nd furniture purchase in as many years

Across the hall is my new office, where strange things happen involving curry and crackers. This was originally a full bedroom, but this apartment has so much storage space that I was able to fit a whole double bed into a spare closet. With a dedicated work area, once again Uncle Sam will help pay our rent.

With this much workspace I probably need to start a podcast or something.

taipei apartment office

Go Curry Cracker World Headquarters

Continuing on you enter the massive master suite with king-sized bed, his/her thrones, and a corner artist’s studio.

taipei apartment master suite

The walk-through closet is sufficiently large to hold all of our clothing. Nice, that. With the remaining space I’m considering listing it on Airbnb. The closet space is to the right and equal in size to this dressing room, but in it’s current condition sharing it publicly would bring shame to the GCC brand.

taipei apartment walk-through closet

The master bath to the left has his/her wash basins and a giant home spa / soaking tub.

taipei apartment master bath

Community Space

All of the newer (modern?) Taipei buildings I’ve seen include a common / community space and 24-hour staff. Ours is a 2 tower structure with a courtyard / outdoor “lobby” of sorts with trees, a fountain, and a fish pond.

taipei apartment lobby

There is a team that works the door and buzzes open the gate and helps with packages. There is another team that works the parking entrance, and a cleaning and garbage/recycling crew that keeps everything spic and span.

On the 19th floor there is a small garden with fruit trees and a decent view, and underground there are 4 floors of parking with dedicated bicycle parking. It is nice to just hop on the bike and go.


The official reported size is 62 ping (2200 sq. ft. or 205 sq. m.) However, this includes our fractional portion of the public space, so the unit itself is probably closer to 2,000 sq. ft. or 185 sq. m.

There are 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, living/dining/kitchen, pantry, 2 bedrooms, and a master suite with walk-through closet. We now need two WiFi access points to get coverage throughout the home, but fortunately we inherited those from the previous tenants. The fiber connection is super fast.

We pay a total of 80,000 TWD / month (~$2,700/month) which covers everything except utilities.

I measure my office at 3.7 m x 3.1 m or about 6% of the core space.

The home is completely furnished except for our massage chair (free with cell phone contract), Winnie’s painting desk, and the new bed/fort/slide thingy.

However, since moving in we’ve also managed to acquire:

As JL Collins says, houses have gravity.

We are also slowly replacing all of the wall artwork with Winnie’s creations. I suggested we hang up a supersized picture of a spreadsheet but was firmly overruled.


This apartment is less than a 10 minute walk from our old place. We looked at 60+ different apartments in this neighborhood in the summer and nothing fit, but then friends let us know they were moving back to the UK. We literally moved in the day they moved out. We were able to get a reasonable price thanks to working without an agent and zero turnover time.

Moving was quick and efficient. For <$100 we got a bunch of boxes, a small moving truck, and a burley young man to do all the lifting, driving, and moving.

Walking distance to grocery store, subway, main bus line, Jr’s school, etc… is all in the range of 10-15 minutes. This is an increase of 5 minutes or so, but now that we have super easy access to our bicycles we tend to use those more – Jr and I have been biking to school everyday and it takes just 5 minutes plus or minus. We are also 5 minutes closer to/from my favorite bike trails, and I still have easy access to my favorite coffee shop.

Across the street is a park/playground. The average age is a few years older than the park next door to our old place, which seems to work out – Jr often prefers to roughhouse with the older kids.

We’ve been here a month now and we’ve already had 8 dinners / holiday events with friends. Having a much larger space has worked really well – adults have a big dinner table and kitchen to gather around, and the kids play in Jr’s room which is noticeably isolated sound wise from the core living space.


We will be in Japan for skiing for the next couple of weeks. My mother is coming to visit for 2 weeks for Winnie’s and Junior’s birthdays in March/April, and we will do a tour of Taiwan’s south and east coasts.

Come summer, it’s all TBD. I think this place would rent nicely on Airbnb. We will probably stay in the region if we do travel a bit.

We think we will be here for a few years – it would be nice if Jr was comfortably reading/writing Chinese before we physically located at some other point on the planet. Immersion seems to be key for long-term reading and writing.

If you are in the neighborhood – hit us up. I’m always up for a coffee.

For reference

Why do we live in Taipei? Cuz it’s great!

The food is also great. No, really.

Other Taipei apartments we have called home:

Thank you for joining us on our tour today. This has been another exciting episode of Lifestyles of Go Curry Cracker!