2020 was our 8th full year of life beyond work. After all this time I still feel it is pretty nice.

This year was a bit more disorganized than most, simply because the year was more chaotic – a global pandemic and the birth of our 2nd child may have been contributing factors. As such, 2020 content was more wide than deep. Topics covered include:

Each year we’ve also shared detailed income and blog traffic data – I always suspected that during a big recession readership and income on a blog such as this would plummet. If there are no capital gains, there isn’t much interest in tax optimization. If you can’t or won’t travel, travel hacking isn’t the most exciting topic.

Let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised on both counts.

GCC Business Review

Here are the traffic, revenue, profit, and hours worked on Go Curry Cracker dot com in 2020.


The following table shows raw blog traffic and profit, with estimates for hours of my time invested based on number of posts.

There were 34 posts published this year, of which I wrote 26 – presumably that means I did nothing for the other 26 weeks, which seems about right. Or mathematically, I worked about 3 40-hour work-weeks this year and had 49 weeks of vacation.

(Sched C)
($/1k view)

Traffic definitely dropped due to the ‘rona, but by a lot less than I expected (down only 13%.) Still, 100k page views per month on average is not bad.

Revenue was down much more substantially and in every category. I expected it to be a lot worse though.

Social Media

TwitterInstagram, and Facebook followers have all increased in the last year. The Forum has also grown. Email subscriptions are up.

I post more regularly on social media, so if you want to turn your GCC experience up to 11 please follow on those platforms. (pretty please.)

As of February 1, 2020, we have:

  • 17,532 Facebook likes
  • 11,697 Email subscribers (double opt-in – I purged 2k non-readers from the list to save $)
  • 9,366 Twitter followers
  • 6,710 Instagram followers
  • 893 Posts in 191 Topics by 274 Members on the GCC Forum

If you aren’t subscribed to the Go Curry Cracker Cool & Crazy Email List, be sure to do that here. All the cool kids are doing it.


This is what revenue looked like in 2020 from each source:

Overall revenue was down about 35% yoy. Travel related revenue was down even more so (-50% on credit cards, -100% on travel insurance, etc..) Some of this does appear to be creeping back…

Advertising – $19,420 (context based ads)
Credit cards – $8,859 (FREE travel! Retail price on our latest rtw trip was $7,000. We paid $200.)
Personal Capital – $3,360 (great cash flow and investment tracking tool. And it is free. Read my review.)
Blog hosting – $2,120 (Read my post on how to start a blog.)
Shopping Portals – $885 (see how to Never Pay Retail Again via sites like Rakuten and Befrugal)
Convertkit – $808 (our mailing list tool. It’s great!)
Consulting – $1,500
Traveling Mailbox – $990 (our digital mailbox, read my review)
World Nomads – $0 (travel insurance but nobody traveling)
Amazon.com – $324 (books and stuff)
Elegant Themes – $402 (our blog Theme provider)
Betterment – $0 (meets expectations)
Other – $2,997 (income from smaller sources and other blogs)
Total – $40,130 (compare to last year’s revenue here.)

Not shown in the numbers above are cost savings we get through AirBnB & Raise referrals. This is money we didn’t have to spend thanks to readers signing up and using their services. I don’t know how much new credit we got this year as I wasn’t really paying attention, but we did save some $ on purchases – basically a free Airbnb stay and some Apple app store credit.

AirBnB: $381.93 (some examples from Europe.)
Raise: $25.xx (discount gift cards – $5 off first purchase.)
Total: $407

Expenses were ~7% of revenue this year, which brings real profit in around $39k. On paper, the home office deduction reduces that another few thousand, and the kids are able to contribute a bit to their Roth IRAs thanks to charging me modeling fees.

2021 Focus

For 2021 I have a backlog of stuff I want to write about, and I expect we’ll see some interesting legislation around taxes and health insurance that I’ll want to explore. I’ll work on that as time and interest allow. At this point things are largely on auto-pilot.

With things starting to return towards normal, we’ll also continue the Award Travel Series with fun things like how to get a free trip to Hawaii, etc… Hawaii is always a nice way to unwind.

I’ll also continue to answer questions on the Forum and for those who want more individual attention with their early retirement goals and aspirations.

Since tax season is nigh, I recently updated all of our tax tools and calculators. Be sure to check em out:

If there is any topic you are interested in that you think would be a good fit on this blog, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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