“Hi Jeremy, you haven’t posted anything for awhile, everything OK? How’s the family?”

We are good! Wow, time flies by… I guess it has been awhile since I have been on the computer. Holy cow it is April!

We have been really busy… because I am Retiring from Retirement.

Retiring from Retirement

I left the traditional world of work over 10 years ago. In that time we had a couple of kids, traveled extensively, and learned a great deal… about ourselves, what we most valued, and (of course) really interesting things like taxes.

I wrote broadly about our adventures and learnings, and as a result we have been fortunate to meet a great number of people, earn a little income, and (for better or worse) have our 5 minutes of fame.

But something has been missing…

My entire life I hated writing, so why was I doing it now? Is it because… I was trying to convince myself that we had made a good decision, by convincing others?

Was selling the dream my way of overcoming my own fears and doubts?

This wasn’t something I thought about (or allowed myself to think about?) until inflation and stock market fears pushed me back into the workforce during the holidays.

And I realized something…

That thing that was missing… was work.

For the first time in years, I actually felt… what is the right word for it… complete? fulfilled?

I woke up each morning knowing what I was going to do. I went to bed each night with a sense of accomplishment.

And each day I was doing something, if not important… at least necessary.

So I have decided I am going to go back to work full time.


I’m analytical by nature but I recognize this is an emotional decision. How do you perform a cost benefit analysis on deciding to work when the income is optional?

Still… I wanted to be sure that this wouldn’t be a net loss, providing a psychological boost but resulting in a lower overall quality of life. If I now spend 40+ hours per week doing “work” will other things suffer?

So I discussed this with the rest of the family…

Winnie said she would actually be happy to have me out of the house a bit more, and was willing to shoulder additional household responsibilities and childrearing duties. The kids are at school during the day anyway so this shouldn’t be that difficult, right? Maybe the kids will watch more cartoons or play video games to keep them out of her hair during the after school hours, but that is pretty normal nowadays.

Jr also said he was cool with me not being around as much. I guess he is at that stage where hanging out with your old man isn’t cool anymore. I can still help out with homework after dinner or on weekends. We might have to cut back on some of his extracurricular activities but kids are over-scheduled anyway, he will just have more time for free thinking. I probably won’t be able to take him snowboarding as much, but he has said he doesn’t want to go anymore this season (15+ times is enough?)

Playtime in the snow

More pics and some cool videos on Instagram – Jr has improved tremendously on the snowboard!

I don’t think our toddler understands what it means for Dad to not be around as much, but he has his older brother. And now he will be better able to answer the question from teachers and peers, “what does your Dad do?” Overall it is probably a positive change for him.

Personally I will need to cut back on hobbies, exercise, and probably a bit of sleep. There are only so many hours in the weekend and many of those will be filled with tasks that were put off during the week. Maybe I can even have a bicycle commute.

Our cost of living will likely increase – we might need a 2nd car, for example. Food expenses will certainly go up… who wants to cook with the kids fighting in the background or after the commute home? We may also have to outsource yard work and some home maintenance. And with work income our taxes will certainly increase.

Hopefully all of this is offset by the additional income. *fingers crossed*

Fewer home made desserts = good for the waistline!


I don’t yet know what type of work I will be doing. My career was in hardware development / engineering… I could see myself doing development work on grid storage batteries, EVs, or overall household electrification.

I’m not sure I want the side effects of that type of work though where you think about it even after the work day is done. I’ll let the job-hunting effort decide this for me… if I get job offers in these industries I probably won’t turn them down.

I’m also not opposed to physical work – I could unload some trucks at Costco or Home Depot, and once I gained some seniority maybe I could even drive the fork lift. Beep beep.


I hate to say it, but all of those people who said I would be back to work in a few years were right. I’m sure they meant for financial reasons, but even so they had the right conclusion. Work is an important part of mental health.

I want to thank my family for supporting me as I try a new path. I also wish them the best as they shoulder additional burdens and responsibilities. Hopefully it makes us all stronger. What’s the worst that could happen?

If you know somebody hiring and willing to take a bet on a middle-aged guy with a huge gap in his resume, please let me know.

There is an exciting world of work out there and I am looking forward to diving into it. Again.

Thank you


PS – we should be returning to our regular blogging schedule in short order. Thank you for your patience and understanding.